Named after Theodor Mommsen (1817–1903), the German historian and Nobel prize-winner, the historical stadium has been TeBe’s home since the end of the war, and earlier had been the home of Sport Clubs Charlottenburg (SCC).

As a reimbursement for the use of SCC’s facilities, a new stand was built in 1930, followed by a new pitch and running track. The stand consists of three stories and is 104 metres long.

In the northern part of the stand, there is a large room that is often used as a gym.

Between 1950 and 1956, during repairs to damage sustained during the war, some structural changes were made to the building. In 2000, an electronic scoreboard was installed.

The stadium has a total capacity of 15,000, 1,800 of which are covered seats in the stand. For security reasons, the DFB limited the capacity to 11,500.

Since 1999, the TeBe fans have gathered in Block E opposite the stand, and Block F affords ample space to the visiting fans.

The TeBe second teams and Youth teams play either in the Julius-Hirsch-Sportanlage (Harbigstr.) or the Hans-Rosenthal-Sportanlage (Kühler Weg).

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